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[QUOTE=Mox Nix;2712233]Not seniority-based, it's more specific to the aircraft you're assigned to... meaning tail #, not type. You're normally tied to one specific tail, and you coordinate your scheduled OFF days among the other pilot(s) assigned to that airplane. Some planes are crewed with 3 pilots, some are crewed with just 2. That depends on the contract that the company has with the aircraft owner. Jet Linx doesn't have their own fleet, they do aircraft management for airplane owners.

Well said, Mox Nix. Jetlinx has made some major improvements over the last two years to improve pilot retention, but at the end of the day, your owner has a lot to do with your QOL. They take safety and rest very seriously (basically fly 91 with the same rest as 135), but if your owner wants a lot of charter, they'll be aggressive scheduling it. Life will be much easier if your owner buys a 3-pilot crew (and they all stick around). That said, I flew it both ways (3 and 2-pilot), and I averaged 75% of the days on standby; 50% of the days flying; and 25% of the days RON. Your mileage can (and will) vary.
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