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Originally Posted by itsjustajob View Post
Atlas is the scourge of the industry.

The current sub standard CBA is the direct result of ALPA representation in the early 2000-2005 period.

IBT has been fighting and gaining ground to undo a decade or more of damage ever since.

Anyone that implies ALPA is a better option is not only a fool but has no idea of the history at Atlas and how ALPA damaged the Arlas pilot group for the foreseeable future.
If ALPA was last at your property in 2005 what has IBT been doing?

According to APC you contract was amendable over two years ago...


WB FOs at my airline make more than your 747 CAs... think about that every time you fly...

Weak unions like SWAPA, IPA and IBT are easy for the company to manipulate and delay...


....the scourge.
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