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Originally Posted by DC8DRIVER View Post
Very familiar, thank you. Which is why we are staying with Teamsters.

FYI: The new Kalitta contract was negotiated and signed into existance by Teamsters 1224.

Post 17 hits the nail on the head. Atlas using all the other carriers for their money while only looking out for themselves. Not letting Omni or k4 vote on their own contracts that passed by 90+% because it didnít have work rules that Atlas wanted, even though those rules would tank the contracts they had with their customers. Thatís why K4 went ALPA. Letís have ABX strike during peak so we look better to Amazon... all while being the lowest paid and making no headway on a new contract for themselves.
I hope one day soon Atlas and ABX get block buster contracts so they can finally say I told you so. Makes it easier when all the other contracts become amendable in two years.

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