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Originally Posted by TeamSasquatch View Post
Thanks for fast reply. Iíve wondered what the long term staffing plan looks like for Cape Air and even piston feeder cargo. Likely has a lot to do with these types of programs.
It absolutely does. Unfortunately the exodus of FOís prior to 1500 hours really soured 9K on the whole idea of even hiring street SICís, I think. I donít blame the guys for leaving, per se, but they really damaged that opportunity for the people behind them.

University programs that feed people from CFI to right seat to left seat to places like jetBlue will absolutely help sustain 9K, because they simply canít compete otherwise. 135 piston time basically descreases in value after a point, so unless you have a (more or less) guaranteed move to a major, it doesnít behoove you to stay more than a year as a CA, unless youíre a townie.

That said, Iíd always recommend 9K. Youíll walk away with a PILE of interview stories, youíll never be a better pilot, and youíll make lifelong friends. Just do your year and move on! Plus, like I said, I hear Spiritís an option for regular line guys now, if thatís your bag.
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