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Originally Posted by Anas20077 View Post
I have a phone interview with them next week. Should I accept the job offer?
My two cents. Flying up to 120 hours a month (probably averaging almost close to 100 hours a month if you work
hard) in a two pilot, scheduled 135 airline operations? Flying in the NE corridor in IFR operations (most of where Southern operations takes place) into high density airports. Why wouldnít you want his job?

Iím a 32 year United 757/767 Captain who mentors lots of pilots and have my own simulator business. Itís all about a seniority number at a legacy carrier. Get hired as fast as you can, your whole career depends on that seniority number. Get your time ASAP, get to a Regional at 1500 hours. Get to a Legacy (AA, DAL, UAL, SWA, Fedex or UPS) or next tier low cost carriers (JetBlue, Spirit, Alaska, Hawian, Frontier or Allegiant) as fast as you can.

Can you build time as fast flight instructing, flying in a PC-12 for a fractional? If you canít, yes take a job at Southern in a New York second.
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