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Default New to aviation, introducing myself

Hello all,
I've recently taken a serious interest in aviation as a career. I'm currently trying to get into an AA flight academy but still trying to get as immersed as possible while I go through the application process.

I've gotten in touch with my local EAA, prospected a ground school, purchased a computer that can run a flight simulator, taken a "light" read of a Cessna 172 POH over a couple weeks, and am trying to get involved with our local CAP.

Might you guys/girls have any other suggestions? I need flight hours, but money is an object so I can't fly more than 2 or 3 times a month. Should I be trying for a variety of planes or would a few rides in one SE and one ME suffice? Any suggestions for a guy like me to really start getting a handle on things to prepare for success would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to sharing what I'm learning for the pilots coming in behind me, if I can.

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