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Some here need their moral compass adjusted a little.
This is the history as far as I am aware:

1- when the contract expired our fearless leader of 1224 resigned from his LCA position hoping that others would also. No LCA means no line checks and no OE so everything comes to a grinding halt within weeks.
This didnít happen.

2. LCAís are picking up overtime.

3-Union stewards are picking up overtime.

4-Regularí Line captains are picking up overtime.

5. New hire FOís are picking up overtime.

So all you Moral Compass Knights are bullying the crew members that are making the LEAST amount of money to NOT pick up overtime?!
Thatís real big of you.
Iím waiting for the day youíll approach a senior captain and ask them why theyíre not wearing the yellow ďall-inĒ lanyard.
Iíd love to be there when you do, Iíll bring the popcorn.
You lost on your BOOT and SHOP campaigns and the judge ordered you to no longer discourage operations as per CBA.
Youíre court ordered....think about that for a sec next time.
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