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Originally Posted by 742Dash View Post
ACMI contracts include home basing. That is the industry standard.
Some do.

Now we are comparing ourselves to K4, ATI, Omni vs our current negotiators say we can only be compared to UPS/FedEx who doesn't have it at all.

Originally Posted by boeingdvr View Post
Why can discuss the Symantecs all day long. The fact is, Mgmt wants to rid themselves of Gateway travel.

The union will consider it, for the right price.

If we get caught again doing another work action, we might have to give something up to pay the court ordered fines like the other carriers before us. Luckily, we didn't get hit with that the last time. Just thought I would mention that since a number of guys are saying "wild cat strike".

Atlas has been trying to get rid of Gateway since the first ask (six months later) by us under ALPA to fix some CBA parts. The response by the company in every case on interpretations and understandings of the CBA was "we could do that if you agree to drop Gateway". Conversation usually ended right then unless we had some other leverage handy.

Originally Posted by Globemaster2827 View Post
I know because I've been there. Also... You might have multiple trips in a month. You can end up working 21-23 days a month for straight pay in ANC. If you want to work extra be prepared for it to hurt your family life.
Most commuting guys tend to do full block lines because of this. I like shorter periods, but full block saves travel days.

You don't have to use gateway and jumpseat right into work. Could save some time. I remember the Polar MEC didn't care about gateway during that past merger since they had to jumpseat. I don't think they would say that now though.

I haven't seen a UPS or FedEx line in some time although I see plenty of UPS/FedEx jumpseaters on us.. I imagine they have to keep a crash pad or hotel and lose days jumpseating in and out for those also. What do they have for days off now?
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