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Originally Posted by renatodep View Post
Hello Everyone,

I am curious if anyone on here went with Air Fleet Training in Essex County Airport, NJ. I'm in the process of selecting a flight school. They seem very friendly and so are the CFIs I met, but I'd love to read from people who actually went there. Fischer Aviation I don't know much about but I also hear great things about them as well so I'm split between them.

I originally wanted to go to Infinity Flight Group in Trenton, NJ due to their Cadet Program but they will not return my calls, it's over an hour away from my place and I have a full time job that pays well, a kid, and I believe going to a flight school near my place and job would be most advantageous for me. I could fly after work, weekends and once I reach my ATP mins hopefully I can land a job at a regional nearby. If I'm being crazy let me know as well lol.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I trained a bit at air fleet for part of my commercial before moving and finishing off at a different school. Air Fleet was a good school. I had no complaints. As far as Fischer, I have no experience there. Lastly, I got my PPL and IR at Century Air which is also located at KCDW. Very professional and great instructors.

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