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Hello everyone.

So Iím finally pursuing my PPL and I just have a few questions. So getting into it, this has been a lifetime dream of mine, Iím 27 years old and hoping to be flying for a regional carrier by at least 31 years old. So I currently have 9 hours of flight time. My concern is that Iím not flying consistently due to my work schedule. Exactly how often should I be flying to become proficient? My other concern is after achieving my PPL, how can I get to the regionals without having to go to an ATP accelerated program.

Thank you all for your time.

Hey congrats on your decision, I'm presuming a career in aviation as well.

As for the accelerated program you don't have to go to a accelerated flight school. Just have a talk with your current instructor or flight school and go over you goals and your preferred schedule and see if they can work something out. I'm sure many others will have a lot of advice as well. But I was just giving my best two cents.
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