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Originally Posted by thefalken View Post
Quest has a captain opening at our Reading, PA (KRDG) base near Philadelphia. Most likely starting on the Baron then attending FlightSafety for the PC-12 ASAP. Please PM me with a résumé or questions if interested or visit our Facebook page “Quest Air”.

Starting pay $90,000/yr; annual bonus with a target of 10%; start with 3 weeks of vacation. Weekends and holidays off.

This base also operates the Phenom 100. If you are Phenom 100 typed, that is a huge plus!

To be competitive you will need the following experience:

Total time: 2000+ hrs
Turbine PIC / SIC: 500+ hrs
Winter weather flying experience
Experience navigating thunderstorms
Part 135 / Part 121 experience

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Just curious, when it comes to hiring pilots do you tend to shy away from the high time, experienced 135, 121 folks?
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