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OK sure,

I'll bite..., again. How about a size MEDIUM Team Player Jersey, LOL... As I said in my previous post, I have nothing personal against you but I definitely don't understand what you think that you are accomplishing by airing this "dirty laundry" on a public forum. And if reading all your 16 negative posts about the company (and challenging you on them) on here makes me a troll, then I think that I will wear that badge with pride.. So what's my beef with your posts on here?

To begin with, your posts are light on information, highly cryptic, and are very disingenuous. How can I say that? Well, your most recent post refers to "OUR" company, while many of your past posts refer to you as an outsider. Why the subterfuge and dishonesty about whether you are a pilot here? Why are you now referring to flyExclusive as "OUR company", but before were saying.. "what about YOUR maintenance", "are YOU ISBAO?", and "THEY seem to hire below mins"? Which is it?.... Current Disgruntled Employee, Former Disgruntled Employee, Spouse/Girlfriend/Boyfriend of Disgruntled Employee, or simply a misguided Employee not realizing the potential damage that their posts could cause you, your family, and your fellow employees. Why can't you just be honest and say "hey, I'm a pilot here", or not.

By comparison, my posts have correctly identified myself as a a current line pilot here, and I used direct personal experience descriptions regarding properly writing up and MEL-ing aircraft with everything but a copy of the Log page and N number, date, and crew involved. This resulted in loss of that sacred revenue,that you assert that we can't afford to lose... And no, everything you have posted isn't true and I do know that: I have never been pushed to do anything here! And, nobody that I have flown with has been, either. If I had been pushed here, or knew someone that had been pushed, I wouldn't be wasting my time on here debating you... I would be updating my resume and cruising the Orange site.

Which gets back to my point... If you are truly an employee here, then don't you realize that by making these negative posts on a Google-able public forum, you are damaging your future employment opportunities and those of your fellow employees? HR Person, at your dream airline: "Oh, you worked THERE...". And if you are a former employee or a friend of an employee, then you are hurting yourself and them. Honestly, I am confused and not sure if you are an employee here or not, but you definitely have an axe to grind with the Company and you have access to the emails.

And your gripes seem to be fleet specific... I have taken a survey over the past few days, and very few people on my fleet have gotten a call from the CEO ever. I just heard about that two minute turn, as well, and if you are an employee here you know that was an extreme outlier, certainly on my fleet anyway. Again, I am not saying that it never happened to you, but in nearly a year here, none of this stuff that you and idontflyhere assert have ever happened to me. And that includes numerous write ups, MEL's, etc. Never a call or pushback from the Company, and I even gave a recent example of the integrity that our DO showed in a recent maintenance situation, erring on the conservative side of caution. No, I didn't give an N number, fleet, crew, or date, but I came damn close.

The employees here depend on their paychecks to feed their familys and live their lives. Your cryptic and disingenuous posts on this Forum serve only to hurt those you fly with, and yourself. If you are truly trying to make a change, you should start with your Lead, then your Chief Pilot, then your DO. In that order. That's called INTEGRITY, which is the opposite of posting anonymously on a public forum about things that should be addressed immediately with the Flight Department.

Because of your posts and those of Shlomo, I almost did not apply here. After all, where there is all that smoke surely there must be fire.. Well, I'm glad that I listened to TireSoul and Amphibian for their accurate and well-written posts about pay, schedule, and QOL here at flyExclusive. Had I listened to you, I would have never come here and wouldn't be here disputing your assertions: And that would have been a shame. I stand by all my statements here and I am proud to be here.

Seriously, dude... What's your beef with flyExclusive, and why are you trying to hurt the people that you are sitting next to on a flight (and yourself)? Why all the hate? I'd really like to know..... And I'm not one of those who say "if you don't like it, then quit".. But the question begs to be asked... Why all the posts that could hurt your fellow pilots, and other employees, and even your employability? What did we ever do to you?
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