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Originally Posted by randyvost View Post
How many days off do you guys get between trips? Is there any language that says a minimum of three or four days off between trips? Also do you guys get a good mix of trips with two, three and four days on the bid. And lastly what does a typical trip look like. I know Regional flying and they work you like a dog. Is it the same at F9?
Those are all hard questions to answer. Except that we do not have any guaranteed days off between trips.

We have a very wide variety of trips. Day turns up to 4 day and 5 day trips are possible although there aren't any right now. Lines range from 12 to 20 days off a month, with 15 days off average.

We do fly a lot of redeye's, maybe 20% of all trips include a redeye.

If we have a problem, it's with trips being inefficient, not working like a dog. We have many 24 hour layovers since we serve so many cities with limited frequency.

If you have more specific questions ask away
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