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Default Regionals taking non-current military pilots?

Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster.

A few questions, after my quals.

-Former tanker pilot, current RPA pilot
-Flew T-38s in pilot training (not sure if it matters at this point)
-1850 TT
-850 TPIC
-ATP complete (back in 2016)
-B737, B707, and B727 type ratings
-ADSC ends in 2021

Now for the negative, I have a Q3 and Q2 on my Form 8 record. Both can be explained as a learning experience. I can go into more details in a PM, if need be.

Some questions:

1) I will be 5 years non-current when my ADSC expires in 2021. Will the regionals still hire me after this much time out of the cockpit?

2) If the regionals will hire me, should I consider a wholly owned AA regional due to my Q3 and Q2?

3) If the regionals won't hire me being 5 years non-current, what do you recommend as the best route for getting current? Would going to an instrument/multi-engine refresher sim course fit the bill, or are they going to be looking for something more?

4) Some regionals are saying they want a "current ATP written." Does this not apply to me since I already have the ATP, or will I have to re-take the written exam before getting hired?

My goal is to end up at a legacy/major airline some day, and preferably ASAP for obvious reasons. I'm willing to do however much time is needed at a regional, to include waiting on the flow if not picked up OTS. I have zero qualms being at a regional making less pay. In fact, I look forward to flying at a regional and getting back into the swing of things after being away from flying. I have no other blemishes on my record (no arrests, or anything like that). I recently saw that some non-current military pilots are having difficulty getting picked up by a regional because of the lack of currency, and it has me concerned. I don't want to miss out on the hiring that's going on and projected to go on.

Thanks for all the input!
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