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Originally Posted by busdriver12 View Post
Except....there isn't an aircraft specific seniority list. There are aircraft specific bidpacks that list seniority, but since none of them are checked out yet (yes, it takes more than a week to get checked out), you won't see any of them in the bidpack. The bidpacks were published before the Jan 7th class even showed up on the first day. But you would know that if you were actually a FedEx pilot.

So there's something you can use as information for your next troll post.
A bit snarky arenít we?

Except....there is a master seniority list on VIPS that can be broken down by base, seat, and/or equipment. If you just select equipment youíll end up with an aircraft specific seniority list....Voila....Go check it out! Youíll even find those January 7th new hires on it that havenít been checked out yet.
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