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Originally Posted by rickair7777 View Post
Everyone else had provided the good news, and I agree.

The bad news...

You will have to check the "accident" box on the online applications for the majors. This may cause your app to be scored lower by the computer. Once your score is high enough to trigger a human review, common sense will apply and you'll be fine. The online apps provide a short text block for an explanation... I would briefly summarize and include the number of the NTSB report.

So you might experience a delay getting called for a major interview. But as others have said the story should be a net positive at the interview.
This. It's an unfair system but this is reality. I'm not saying you won't ever get a major interview but it's just easier for HR to pull from one of the 10k apps on file without that box checked. Are you okay with the possibility of finishing out your career at a regional? Making low six figures and eventually getting 18 days off at a regional would still beat 95% of other non flying jobs out there in my opinion. That's the worst you could plan for and hopefully be pleasantly surprised with a lot more. Also, I would recommend a regional with flow so you don't have to stress about getting a mainline interview.
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