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Originally Posted by USMCFLYR View Post
But a FB-111 wasnít a fighter...

Now some of you guys are making the same generalized statements about fighter-attack guys.

Btw - this whole you havenít flown as part of a team because you were a fighter-attack guy is a bunch of malarkey too.
Just because the guy might not have been in the same cockpit as you doesnít mean you didnít work with other flight members, other support aircraft, guys on the ground you might have been supporting, or even GCI.

Transitioning to a multi-crewed cockpit was easy IMO.
Oh yeah....I have to ask the rest of the crew if the temperature is ok :-)

I too find the civilian flying (and in my case the rules of P135) to be a PITA. Iíd like to try some of those other types of flying too but the QOL would suffer right now for others and that is a higher priority right now.
Wait wait wait.. you mean to tell me that you do the type of flying that makes you happy and works best for your family, you could could care less about all the pointless bickering BS that goes on like the above crap? Please gawd say it ainít so.
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