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Fellow flier,

I am not saying this is true; but after the whole "Folks flying while on VA 'disability' while flying 121 Goat Rodeo." I'd imagine they are looking to nail a few more to the wall before they let this go.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone in OKC went rooting for some easy snags, saw your claim and figured you were one of those guys claiming you aren't disabled to the FAA to get an easy class 1, while claiming you ARE disabled to the Military to get some $$$ from Uncle Sam. Long shot......yes, but no way I'd risk a career on it. Look at what they did to the poor Ba$tard they caught at Delta. Never mind it's Depression, from what I've seen, a lie is a lie in OKC's eyes.

Be Carefull, you are on thin ice now my friend.

Keep the oily side down!

and.......Ad astra!


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