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Originally Posted by C37AFE View Post
So I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2015 while in the military. In 2017 they had me reevaluated and said it was just snoring. A second opinion concurred that is was snoring. I applied and received a class 1 submitting this documentation back in December. I have since applied for VA disability and submitted the sleep apnea studies.

I am looking at getting on at a regional. As of hiring and my next medical I will not have my disability claim from the VA. My concern is while my last 2 visits say it's snoring. What is the correct route if the VA awards sleep apnea. Seems like a catch-22 bind. Do I let airline know while in training? MedExpress asks if you have a disability. I don't want to fly "with a known medical condition" and lose license/job over it. However, the diagnosis is snoring....I know I can get a special issuance, but won't that ground med for a few months.... I use CPAP once in a while but not at required VA rates.

First of all, thank you for attempting to use my taxpayer dollars to award you money for the sleep apnea that you were re-diagnosed as not having...but don't remotely try to suggest that the military gave you sleep apnea, and therefore you should get paid for it as a "disability." This sickens me. It really does.

Second of all, you're on the one hand trying to say to the FAA that you have no sleep apnea and call it snoring, and on the other bilk the department of defense for disabiliity because you say you do. How do you spell fraud?

Third, you need to discuss this with the AME who is going to be issuing your medical, but be aware that if you claim sleep apnea, you're going to be referred over for testing and evaluation on your dime and it will impact you going forward. You can certainly get a medical if you have sleep apnea, but it may be delayed six months and may come with conditions.

You may wish to consult with a group that specializes in this sort of thing. is one such place, and has information on their website.
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