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Lightbulb Phenom 300 Type rating CAE

Hey guys, So i got this sweet gig flying the phenom 300 and 100.
I left the flight instructing job in SoCal to fly right seat in a 300 in Midwest. I have 1100 hours.I love the Job I love the people i work with.
There is one problem: Its been three months and only now i found out that CAE wont be able to do my type rating until July. Yes, it took them That long just to come up with a possible date. Which will be nine month since my first day. My boss is trying to get an earlier date through Embraer, but all phone calls have been futile.
What would you do in this situation? would you Stay and wait for who knows how long? or would you move on? Also its highly unlikely that the company will let me flight instruct on the side (asked them once they said no) I still get my salary but it aint much since i dont go on many flights and i was relying on flight bonuses when i was getting into this thing.
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