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Originally Posted by frozenboxhauler View Post
Actually ALPA PAC gave 51% to Democrats and 49% to Republicans last year,...but why let facts get in the way of a good story.
Ha, this couldnít be further from the truth! Go research any .gov website. Everything is there under the freedom of information act. Actually Iíll make it real easy for ya, just research who funds Nancy Pelosi... ALPA, APA, IBT, IBEW, etc...

Címon boys, this ainít 1950 anymore. Unions are nothing more than corrupt garbage. Iíll just pretend I didnít hear that the guys negotiating our work contracts directly affecting our lives are being ďpaid offĒ by the airlines themselves.

If money is being taken out of my paycheck for non gov reasons, I have a right to know exactly where every penny is going and a ******ing choice to say if I want it to go there or not. The ALPA is just a corporation of workers, for profit, no different than any other corporation.
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