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Originally Posted by JohnBurke View Post
There's no question that automation can do that.
Yes, it can do that.

My original "let's suppose" statement was not as clear as it should have been. Sorry, I failed to realize how literal some folks are.

Yes, it can be done. The Buran, the Soviet equivalent to the US space shuttle, had only one flight, and it was fully controlled by self automation and ground control.

One at bat, and they batted 1.000. Well done!

But what I was trying to point out was the failure rate of autonomous aircraft is too high for the public to accept.

I submit that crash rates back in 1919 may have been acceptable, or at least tolerable, those same crash rates in 2019 would have put an end to then industry.

We live in a society that is 100% knee jerk. A produce farm that has operated safely for 40 or 50 years lets out a batch of e.coli tainted lettuce which makes a dozen folks sick and kills one 110 year old immediately starts a call for new regulations.

So, yes, AI can fly a Caravan. And if this were 1919, a crash or three would be considered growing pains. But in 2019, two crashes would be the end of the industry.
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