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Originally Posted by FTv3 View Post
If you have the disposable income then ^^^^ is probably the best way to do it for UPS. Benefit of ECIC is that if UPS doesnít work out Emrlerald coast covers everyone and you get unlimited consultation and seminars. And they do have online seminars - I did it this way and it worked great.

Note to those interested: know what you are getting into with this joint. I mean really take the time to sit down and research all the ins and outs of this place, specifically with the union - company relationship and itís history for at least the past decade. Find your buddies that work here and have a good sit down. Donít know any, then use your JS privileges and jump through the system and talk to the guys. Go to the cafeteria in sdf and find more guys to chat with. Once it comes time to accept that class date you best know what no waivers & no favors means, what the 109 is, why there are plain white MD11s on our ramps, and why the staffing issue got to where it is otherwise youíre going to find yourself like a deer in headlights pretty quickly. This place is not for the weak.

Personally, Iíve had a great ride here, been treated fairly as an individual but Iím having real deep second guessing issues of having chose this place to invest my career in. Buyer beware. The gig is still good, but Iíd keep a close eye on the bar owner...
FTV3. A fair assessment.

The difference between UPS and any other airline is just that. We are not viewed by ATL as an airline. We are viewed as a liability/cost center/hourlies/labor. What has gone on the last 10 years is no different than what has gone on the last 31 years.

UPS loves for some reason to fight with their labor. And always have. They are used to dealing with the Teamster thugs for over 60 years.

All airlines have the same problems. Same issues. Understaffed, bad schedules, QOL issues. Itís not different here on the same basic issues.

What is a difference, is the culture. A culture that UPS has created. Iím thankful we have the union we do. As I stated years ago, no matter what I type, text, or phone, the real education starts when you get here.

Try not to get discouraged. The grind is what UPS is all about. Every day they are probing. And reading this right now without a doubt.

No airline is any different in the issues. And the reason we are unified to date is because of UPS themselves which I think you can clearly see. They do it to themselves and in their arrogant way, itís just how they like it.

Itís not for the weak kneeíd here because the union will ask you to step up at some point. And ask you to make personal decisions. We all need to remember, itís not us doing this. Itís UPS.

If UPS wants to put themselves at the bottom of the top tier carriers, then so be it. We can only do what we can do. Peace....and hang in there.
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