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Not to change the subject here but, are they no longer emailing the bid packets? I didn’t receive the usual monthly email. I see it in comply though. Is that the only way the bids will be published now?
No more paper bid packets, hard copies of pay reports, hard copies of the cba. I know some folks used them but IMHO, complete waste of paper, and something that should have happened a decade ago. You can still print a copy if you like. V files are going away too. Now, in all fairness, it is hard to say that we need to join the modern ages of “paperless” bid packets and electronic pay statements, when this company won’t pay for company emails, but hopefully BB is a short timer and indigo is planning to IPO at least part of F9. Maybe then we could get a management group that could invest more than a nickel in infrastructure, not holding my breath though.
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