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Originally Posted by BIueSideUp View Post
I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a new thread going ahead of the next vacancy bid that should likely run a month or two from now so that there can be some discussion for us all to figure out what we're doing and for those anyone that might feel in the dark on the subject to reach out and get some help before they end up Envoying themselves into a spot they don't want or need to take.

Is there pretty much a consensus that displacements will continue with this next round? If so, do we have any reason to expect anything different from the last couple runs? Also, does anyone have or know where we can find record of what was offered in the last few vacancies?
They didn't displace all of the FO's last round. Pretty sure there were like three of the more senior folks who got passed up. However, I would think that was done for reasons beyond what we may know and that the average FO will get displaced again.
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