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Default Stay and upgrade or jump to DEC at C5?

I'm nearing upgrade seniority at OO but looking at the C5 oppertunity to grab that bonus and enter the UAL CPP. They are hiring basically direct entry captains and I'd rather be based at dulles or ewr than go back to the midwest or ATL. UAL has always been my number one and I feel c5 is my best shot to get there. However OO has been good to me and upgrade is within reach. Am i foolish to consider it and give up the seniority ive accrued? Would rather fly the embraer 145 than the crj but that's the lowest priority.

Pay and work rules are better at OO but I'll be on reserve at either carrier anyway.

I'm think C5 will be able to grow now that the large east coast regionals are mostly backlogged in training.
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