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Originally Posted by 155mm View Post
Itís no wonder the pilots being instructed today suck! Itís all about CFIs ďbuilding timeĒ and not about the student customer receiving quality instruction anymore. Itís all about me me me building hours so I can get the hell out of the instructor seat.

Such a pity! 30 years later Iím still instructing. Why? Because I actually love it!
Wow I can tell this is a touchy subject for you. I am not in any way saying that I wonít care about the instruction I give my students but also you have to realize that not everyone wants to be a flight instructor for a career. It is just the nature of the beast that it is the best way to get hours to take the next step. I donít think that just because I am looking to build hours and move on that I should be judged in saying it is going to be all about me when I havenít even got my first student. I hope that through my instruction I can not only further my skills but also pass on my love for aviation and knowledge on to my students. You have made a choice to make a career out of instructing just like I made a choice to leave a career I worked in for 14 years to pursue a career in the airlines or business aviation. I donít have 30 years to be able to instruct before I attempt to move on. I donít see where getting on here and ranting like you did will change anything. The FAA changed the requirements to the huge number of 1500 hours and so they created this wave of instructors haveing to instruct to build the hours needed for the next step.
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