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Originally Posted by Flyby1206 View Post
I am genuinely torn on whether a domestic network could thrive without a mid-america hub. Something like the A220 will definitely bring better CASM and open up smaller midwest cities, but how will a passenger get from Spokane to Jacksonville efficiently? GEG-SEA-FLL-JAX? Ick.

Without a mid-america hub would the B6/AS networks just be operating independently of each other? What "synergies" (gag me) would there be? Maybe you're right that we don't need any midwest presence because there is no money to be made.
Oh dude, I was being sarcastic. You absolutely need a mid-continent hub to maximize both independent networks.

Even if you had SEA-JAX, a flight from IDA or HLN to Jax would be very unpleasant. And a million other itineraries.

Yes, the airline doesn't have to serve all of them, but if it really wants to compete with the big 4 for Corp contracts it will need to serve a lot of them.

Existing B6 + AK would add a lot more itineraries, but not enough and they wouldn't all be very attractive.
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