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Originally Posted by CaptainDooley View Post
For those of you that fly as a heavy crew

1- if you go with 3 CAs and 1 FO, do all the CAs have to be right seat qualified?

2- Does the PIC listed for the flight have to be in the left seat for every takeoff and landing?
The first issue is whether there is seat dependent training in that airplane, at that airline and how it is defined. That is between the FAA and the airline.

There is no FAR that requires the PIC to be in the left seat. Now you get back into seat dependent issues, company policy and the feelings of the POI. It is even possible for a line check airman conducting OE to be in the jump-seat, though I doubt that anyone has done that since the 1950s.

This is not a subject that can be painted with a broad brush.
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