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Originally Posted by CaptainDooley View Post
The FAA has a legal interpretation letter that says an Airline must state which set of rules they choose to operate under when using 121.513.
My airline has it in the FOM that we use 121.503-511,
so in our case 20 hrs is the max duty for a heavy crew and can not be extended.

I talked with one of our CAs, he said he just did recurrent sim and they did not give him a right seat checkout. So, I would say he is not current to fly a heavy crew flight , unless he is the PIC.
How do you figure? There are two relief pilots on a heavy crew flight. Even IF he didnít satisfy whatever right seat qual may or may not be in the FOTM, whose to say he has to relieve the FO? Why canít he relieve the Captain and let the other guy relieve the FO? Are you up there playing musical chairs?
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