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So I'm actually going to get a sleep study tonight.

I broke my neck/back in 2003.. Haven't slept straight thru the night since. For years the docs have thought it was just the back/neck. Yes, the FAA knows all about that injury, I have jumped through the hoops to get a first class back.

Fast forward to 2018.. I'm gaining weight with no reason (I'm a gym rat, eat reasonably well).

After running about 100 tests, my endocrinologist thinks it may be sleep apnea elevating my cortisol levels. I'm going just to have it ruled out. I do snore like a banshee, just ask the poor bastard who moved in above me in the crash pad, but nobody has ever said I stop breathing, gasp for air, etc.

If I come out of the study saying I need a CPAP / have OSA, I've read some things that say you must notify FAA and submit stuff within 90.

I've read other things that say I am grounded and need 30 days CPAP usage before the FAA will consider reinstating my medical.

I'm honestly confused as to which is correct.

40 years old.
Delta Pilot
I'm 6'5" 290#. I was 255 (not fat at sub 260) a year ago before this **** started up.
No SIs. The last go round with the FAA got them to where my orthopedic injuries are PRNC every year now.

No health problems other than the weight gain.
No medications.
Blood Pressure is 110/75
Cholesterol and other blood work is normal.

Do I go out on sick/disability while the FAA gets data?
Do I keep on flying while using a CPAP?

I've seen conflicting stuff. Going to call ALPA Aeromedical to get their opinion.
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