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Allison Burnside flew west last Saturday. Worked next to big Al for many years. He possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of aircraft systems. If there was any facet of training or turbojet operations about which he could not discuss with ease, can't imagine what it might have been. Also got used to a steady dose of cautionary pronouncements and dire predictions if this or that didn't get taken care of by some unnamed 'camper' as he looked right at me. Exercised a buttoned down propriety & reserve in matters of personal engagement which belied regular acts of thoughtfulness and generosity for so many, otherwise forgotten. Loved the sea and bill fishing. Thousands of pilots & mechanics earned certification through Burnside-Ott Aviation at Opa Locka & Tamiami airports, located in opposite corners of Dade County and founded by Al's father, Don. Well over a hundred aircraft during its peak. If it was tough stepping out from behind such a big shadow, you'd certainly never have known it. So long mate.

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