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Originally Posted by Adlerdriver View Post

Note that there is no reference to whether or not a pilot has checked the deviation box for a specific deadhead segment in the “Deviation and Deadheads” section of VIPS in order to use the provisions of this section of the CBA. That is not part of the criteria. In fact, the above CBA passage makes two references to the fact that a pilot performing this Final Check-in using this option HAS deviated. The only thing not checking the deviation box for the final leg of the deadhead does is avoids auto-cancellation of GT services upon arrival. However, I have successfully requested these services be reinstated when I either accidentally or intentionally checked the deviation box for the final leg but was actually on that flight and performed my Final Check-in according to the CBA.

Just playing devils advocate here, but the CBA states in section 8.C.1.a that a pilot must let the company know 60 hours prior to the start of a trip of their intentions to deviate. So, how do we do that? We go on VIPS and check the appropriate boxes in the deviation section.

My guess is that the company would argue that the only way they keep track of which segments are deviated is by using the deviation section in VIPS. They would probably argue that once you deviate, you can't un-deviate according to the contract, so if you checked the boxes stating that you were going to deviate on both legs, you can't decide later that you want to undo that deviation. The company would probably also argue that they can't determine the actual intent of the pilot using this system, but only what the pilot has indicated they will do based on their selections in the deviation window.

Again, just playing devils advocate here. My guess is we would lose any grievance on this. Just look at our past track record. I think the best course of action would be to try to educate everyone on how to deviate if you intend to take the final company scheduled leg of a deadhead.
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