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Originally Posted by Adlerdriver View Post
This is clouding the discussion. Yes, we have a deviation deadline but that's not what's at issue. We're talking about the Final Check-in.

Please do not over-complicate this. VIPS and it's limitations is not what's at issue here. The contract language is simple and allows the option to completely bypass VIPS on your Final Check-in and tell a scheduler exactly what you're doing.

Upon arrival at the departure gate of the scheduled deadhead flight, the pilot shall check-in with VIPS, or CRS if VIPS is not accessible, and indicate that he is in position for the scheduled deadhead flight. Once this check-in has been accomplished, the pilot shall no longer be considered as deviating, for the purposes of subsequent delays, revisions, and all trip services.

"No longer be considered as deviating" as in - I was deviating until that point and now I no longer am deviating because I'm joining a segment of the scheduled deadhead. There's nothing in there about checking a box or not because even if you did, you communicate to the company in accordance with the red contract passage, complete your Final Check-in and you've changed your status.
I'm not clouding the issue at all. You mentioned that the contract didn't state having checked the proper deviation box (paraphrased). I'm simply pointing out that the contract does state that you must notify the company at least 60 hours prior of your intentions to deviate. We do this by clicking the appropriate boxes in VIPS.

I was stating that we should educate pilots on the proper way to deviate if you want to avoid hassles with scheduling. If you want to check all of the boxes when you deviate and push the press to test button, go for it. I hope you don't have any issues, but if you do, then grieve it.

And if you think that contract language is so simple, you are truly naive. You simply took a passage from the contract and said this is what the contract means. I attempted to point out that the contract also has other language requiring pilots to notify the company in advance of their deviation intentions. If you tell them the wrong thing through VIPS, so sorry. Now, go check that attitude you have.
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