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Default Advice for new hire training

Hello folks,

I was recently hired by Zulu Whiskey. I read through the 'managing risk/thriving in new hire training' thread and still have a question for you. Let me say that I am positive on the company based on what the HR and pilots said during the interview and my own research. I am of an age and experience where I know the kind of environment that is right for me--If the whole "family atmosphere" aspect presented in the interview is accurate, then I think this is an environment where I can thrive. That said, I know what it is like to work hard, like to work with others, and have a positive/optimistic attitude to make it through.

My question is, for you senior folks out there with the company, what is your single best piece of advice to help me get through new hire training? I don't mind if you emphasize something that's already been said in the previous thread. My business here is to succeed well above the margin and ultimately to become a line holding captain. The base I am eyeing (CAE) is easily commutable.

I am a mid-forties financially secure male with a previous successful career in an unrelated field, been a CFI for more than a decade with a couple years very part time commercial FO experience in 135 turboprops. I have some prior 121 experience a few years back though I never flew the line due to extenuating (became a primary caregiver) circumstances.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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