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Originally Posted by Excargodog View Post
Getting back to the original question, no, donít buy your own aircraft and expect it to be viewed as the equivalent of having a JOB in aviation.

You actually want to have 1500 hours experience for your ATP, not three hours of experience repeated 500 times. The statement about

may have been inelegantly worded (or not) but it is in fact true. Any job where your flying is SUPERVISED will be a better resumeí builder than any flying you do in your own aircraft unless that aircraft requires you to have a type rating (which is another way of saying there is a disinterested arbiter attesting to your competence). Donít take it personally, people have been caught pencil-whipping their logbooks. While you Iím sure would never do that, the fact that others have and have been caught at it makes such self acquired hours a little suspect.

Thatís not to say that a CFI position is your only path acceptable to getting those hours, it certainly is not, but the credibility of doing the flying AS EMPLOYMENT rather than flying ďrandom cross countriesĒ is a real issue and you ignore it at your peril.
Point taken, and itís defintely something Iíll consider. Iím leaning towards the CFI cert right now, but Iím not quite ready to write off the airplane idea just yet.
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