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Originally Posted by TiredSoul View Post
You need 1500hrs for the regionals.
Whatever you have now is irrelevant.
Get your CFI.
To do it right is harder then you think and it will make you a better pilot.
Well, I think the overall consensus here is something like 75% get the CFI/II and 25% you're fine going the airplane route.

Admittedly, part of my apprehension with the CFI is that I've taught undergraduate level college classes before as a graduate student and while I wasn't a bad professor or anything, I didn't exactly have a passion for teaching. I also have some experience training and teaching others on safety & internal evaluation related items during my time in the airlines. Similar thoughts there, I made sure they learned what they needed to and were competent to be released into the wild, but I didn't exactly enjoy it.

I can't exactly say I'm looking forward to it, but it appears more and more likely that I'll go the CFI route and build most of my hours that way.

What are your thoughts on getting the CFI and moving onto getting a low time job around the 500-750 hour mark if I'm not liking it?
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