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Since your new posting, I assume your new on the board. There are a lot of good threads about financing and flight training, plus boat loads of discussion about flying as a profession. The fact that your asking questions, one can presume you have an interest and you know roughly the cost associated with learning to fly; do you best to educate yourself to avoid a costly adventure that breaks your heart (regarding flying) and leaves you with an large debt and nothing to show for it.

While a flight school may offer you some kind of financing ability in house, you really, really need to determine if they are worth doing business worth (quality and commitment of the school) and whether the terms of any loan you get (through them) are fair and reasonable.
Try to obtain financing through other means if for no other reason than to compare interest rates, terms for repayment and other small print issues which can make a loan a (potently) a bad deal.

Most importantly, determine by comparison, whether the flight school(s) your considering would be working in your interest. Proximity to where you live and willingness to help you get a loan are not enough reason to spend 60 to 90 thousand dollars of money you have to borrow. Ask a lot of questions, here, at the airport, with the people running the school and even any instructors you can find there.

Best of luck in your endeavors.
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