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Originally Posted by gobnu View Post
A brief search didn't turn up any info newer than 2015 or so, and I was wondering what to expect as a FedEx commuter, ideally from CID. I am intimately familiar with commuting in general, having done pax 121 commutes from a 25 minute drive, to a 3.5 hour drive, to a single leg high frequency flight to base, to a once a day odyssey halfway across the country, so I am looking more for how it is different on the cargo side. I keep hearing something about a commuting bank? Better to commute on FedEx and just get there a half day early than to try to airline? Any illumination would be appreciated! Thanks!
Welcome to the party, Gobnu! I hope you'll enjoy it.
One BIG thing to remember is that the pairing dates are always in GMT, your trip might actually start the afternoon or evening before the date on the pairing!!
If it does happen that you miss a trip due to wrong date, you won't be the first, but if you do, I hope that it does not happen while you're on probation.
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