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Originally Posted by acgreen95 View Post
Hey y'all,

Been trying to decide on this career for a while now, and have about 35 hours total time. I love flying but was always hesitant to jump head first into this career

I am turning 24 this week and work in the insurance industry. Looking to make a change. I have a bachelors degree from a top tier university that I received in four years and have enough money to pay for all of my ratings, without having to take a loan.

For those of you veteran pilots, if I were your son would you encourage me to go into this? Is it still a good time to get in, even though I wouldn't likely be at a major for 5-10 years? While I know that decision is ultimately mine, I really don't know too many pilots to ask from. Other than my CFI's, of course, but they haven't flown for the airlines yet. Thanks

- Alex
Yes, do it. I'd guess you'd be at a major in less than ten years. But the hiring is picking up even faster in the near future, if you're going to do it, get on with it.
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