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Default Army Aviator Looking for RTP help

I recently retired from the Army and got the job offer from Envoy. I am working with Coast Flight right now for start dates and time for the RTP. I am looking for someone who can help me with a few questions.
1) Is Coast Flight backlogged on setting up training? Hoping for someone who recently finished the RTP to help with this.
2) I have 1470 hours of helicopter time, most in the Blackhawk. Is this going to help me in any way? Captain transition, ATP vs restrictioned ATP?
3) What aircraft should I attempt to select to hub out of DFW? I will commute from BHM for the next 15 years no matter where I end up.
4) What timelines should I honestly expect to: transition to get off reserve, transition to captain, flow to AA? I think the wife’s good for only one more sales pitch. “Honestly honey, if we can get through this last hurdle in life we be ok.”
5) When do I start accruing time with the company? When I start the fixed wing training or week one of indoc at DFW?
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