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Originally Posted by Blackhawk987 View Post
I recently retired from the Army and got the job offer from Envoy. I am working with Coast Flight right now for start dates and time for the RTP. I am looking for someone who can help me with a few questions.
1) Is Coast Flight backlogged on setting up training? Hoping for someone who recently finished the RTP to help with this.
2) I have 1470 hours of helicopter time, most in the Blackhawk. Is this going to help me in any way? Captain transition, ATP vs restrictioned ATP?
3) What aircraft should I attempt to select to hub out of DFW? I will commute from BHM for the next 15 years no matter where I end up.
4) What timelines should I honestly expect to: transition to get off reserve, transition to captain, flow to AA? I think the wife’s good for only one more sales pitch. “Honestly honey, if we can get through this last hurdle in life we be ok.”
5) When do I start accruing time with the company? When I start the fixed wing training or week one of indoc at DFW?
Can really only speak on the last 3.
3. If you can, select the 175. It’s a lot of luck, as the classes pick by oldest first then work down. There’s often a mix of choices of aircraft. There is a lot of growth on the 175 right now.

4. The fleets are polar opposites in terms of reserve. 175 DFW FO’s are getting off reserve in a few months. 145 FOs are at least a year on reserve. Time to upgrade right now is as soon as you get your 1000 hours. Roughly 2 years. Again depends on aircraft and when you can hold a line to start flying a lot. Flow is about 8-9 years right now. There’s a lot of things that change it, so just know like anything else in aviation, it’s very fluid. If AA is your primary goal, then stick it out until your time comes. If not, keep it as a backup and try to progress outside of the flow.

5. You start day one of indoc.
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