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Originally Posted by rabbo View Post
The BFR and IPC are $4400? Wow. I am getting my ratings done elsewhere for faster and cheaper but if they're charging $4400 for two checkrides even if the ink barely dried, it's gonna cost me more to get it elsewhere.
What's more discouraging is that the BFR/IPC aren't checkrides. They're "company mandated" checks. Basically a mandated $4400 check to make sure you're capable of flying their aircraft. Any other company/flight school would check you out in 2 hour max to be able to fly their aircraft. Havick mentioned that Coast is a leasing/rental company. True to an extent. They're a premium priced "pilot factory" with sub-par equipment. 23K is what Envoy will put up. Work backwards with that and make sure you come to Coast with all you can, to make sure you don't have to give them dime. Envoy really needs to audit these guys.
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