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The flying should be spread around, not simply focused on the LTs. One unit I was in was only focused on LTs. In 2.5 years they progressed two sets of PLs from RL3 to PC, along with 3 other staff position LTs. In those same 2.5 years not a single junior warrant, of the 5 in the company, broke 400 total time or became PC even though there were some solid warrants who worked hard the whole time. Was a case of, hey we need to get these PLs up before they move on to staff... they got the majority of the hours, moved on, then guess what. We've got these new PLs that need hours before they move on to staff... rinse and repeat.

Other units were great and everyone got hours. There is no issue with getting LTs up, as long as they're not the only ones getting the flight time. That first company was run into the ground because all the LTs kept moving on, the junior warrants weren't getting time, and after a PCS the company was going to fall flat on its face with a total of 2 PCs left. Had to pull from other companies to keep that from happening.

So don't get me wrong, yes take care of the young LTs, but not at the point of neglecting everyone else.

As for bringing that issue up with the CC and stands shop, I and others did. The CC was a stick pig and flew the most hours of anyone in the company, including the IPs. As a senior Army captain, and rotor wing pilot, he had 2700 hours. Extreme example and not the norm, but it occasionally happens.
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