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Originally Posted by KnockKnock View Post
So you’re saying his aspirations at VX we’re to be purchased and the only way for those things to happen at VX was indeed a buy out? Then why complain about something that wasn’t happening in ones career before and isn’t now? It’s become endless complaining for the sake of complaining. AS has been going to HI for more than a decade but as soon as SWA begins HI the complaining starts that we’re going to lose all our pax and our 737 service is going to be inferior to their 737 service. Now JB announces London and the complaint is that we’re not going to Europe and we have no growth. So I see that with these guys, it wouldn’t matter if we were going into a market or not because with them, we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. He doesn’t like AS, I get it and that’s perfectly fine. What wears me out is the complaining as if VX was going to be growing into an international success and AS prevented that from happening. The guy is doing the exact same type of flying the day the acquisition was announced and was content to do for his career. How many big international airlines are there? If you aren’t already, you’ll be bald from pulling out your hair worrying about what every other airline does.
I’m saying that prior to the purchase their were TWO other possibilities for a VX’rs fate. A. Chart their own destiny via nogatiations. (Of course that could go three ways, backward, forward, or static.) OR.... the most likely scenario, purchased by a suitor that at the time, and at least for the moment, going forward, brought a better package to the table. If SWA purchased us right now, closed down sat PDX as a crew base, re-assigned BWI as your new option, jacked your quality of life, work rules living situation etc... and said “Congrats Alaska! We saved you from shrinking into oblivion.... you should be greatful because you just got a 20% pay raise.” You’d be ****ed too prob. Prob even more ****ed if you knew Delta was about to be the purchased but Southwest simply outbid them.

VX’rs are ****ed about some pie in the Sky notion about what their fate would’ve been left alone in five years, theyre A. Disappointed that what they consider a better merger partner wasn’t the buyer, but wanted to be. B. That the reaction by some is “Be greatful... we saved your a$$.

They MIGHT, have been overboard and treading water... but Royal Caribbean had already launched the life boats when what they consider Carnival Cruise lines, scooped em up in a fishing net.

The only reason I’m even explaining this is.... the sooner more L-AS pilots can understand the L-VX perspective, the sooner we can put this behind us and move forward in unity
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