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Default Emails from FedEx Pilot Recruit./Pilot Hiring

I submitted my application via the new application website in late JAN / early FEB. I've been updating it approximately two-three times a week and have not heard back or received any email(s) until two days ago. It's possible this was just a glitch with the new website, but the day before I received two emails, I updated my application and noticed that a couple of fields of my personal info were missing (items I had previously completed). The day after I updated/saved my application I received two emails; one from [email protected] titled "FedEx application process" and the other from [email protected] titled "Invitation to apply."

In summary, they tell me to update my profile, review it to make sure everything is accurate and up-to-date, then submit the application with the caveat that once submitted I am submitting a formal application that cannot be changed. In the email titled "Invitation to apply" it mentions that the link to submit my application is specific to my application and expires within thirty days.

My question is, after two months of having completed and submitted my application and not hearing anything, does this mean the system has just received my application? Has anyone had a similar experience and/or received the same emails? Is this a standard "form letter" or does it mean my application has been noticed and passed through the first "filter"?

Thanks in advance.
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