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Originally Posted by JayMahon View Post
Yeah. If it's not going to happen now, then it's just not going to happen.

For those of you already in the air and looking at Corporate America as a 'grass is greener', here's a few things to keep in mind:

There is no 9-5 in management/higher income thresholds. You will leave before the rest of your family is awake and you will get home long after dinner leftovers are cold in the fridge.

Non-union positions are not safer for good employees. My bank is going through a reduction in force event and I just had to tell two of the top performing bankers that their roles are getting liquidated. Performance won't save you from something HR controls. HR controls everything.

Commutes by car are just as bad if not worse than commuting via airport. The Per Diem is bare bones and almost no companies pay the IRS standard for vehicle mileage.

One mistake can kill any career.

Remaining unflexible will result in less opportunity.

You will always have to choose between income potential and quality of life.

Technology is rapidly replacing most high income positions. If you think something is safe because "it's about relationships" and that won't easily be replaced by computers you have your head in the sand like an ostrich. They're all up for grabs and it's closer than most expect.

=) Cheers.
I am in a very similar position you're in. I'm 32, I'm in sales for a new home builder, make between $150k-$180k/ year, and I'm "retiring" next month to full fledge pursue a career in aviation. Real estate is one of the first markets to tank when a major "event" occurs. Not to mention my pay is a direct result on what I sell. Long hours, always at the mercy of others schedules, and no such thing as a true off day. Never away from my phone because a missed call could be a missed sale, and always putting out fires along the process. I have 5 people who I'm close to, who each fly for different carriers, and all 5 have advised to absolute take the leap and do it. The best line I've heard when discussing with them is "You're only working when you're working. You finish your flight, and your work stops. You go home and do whatever you want or need to do.". That alone is worth a $50k pay cut to me. Yet alone the ability to fly anywhere in the world for next to nothing.

Good luck with your career if you decide to make the jump. To me it sounds like he pro's outweigh the cons.
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