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Originally Posted by galaxy flyer View Post
Holy Thread Revival!

Yeah, I started reading this thinking "I thought trucking was pretty good these days?" I flown with a few F/O's who drove truck, owned trucks, or still drove on occasion during days off to help out a family owner.
A friend is owner/operator and seems to do really well mostly hauling food grade stuff around the midwest region, 2-3 nights out a week he's making over 100K easy. He hates the new logbooks as he might have to stop an hour away from home for rest.
Your dispatcher will make life great or can punish you.
Had a jumpseater who pulled triples for Fedex three nights a week. Same route every night, drive a couple hours, swap out trailer #3, drive three hours swap out the trailers with another truck from the other direction, pull back to first city and pickup trailer #3 that has been reloaded, return to hometown. He put himself through 4 year school and flight training debt free.
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