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Fighter squadron - scramble to the be the first guy to show up in the morning (around 0630 or so) so you can be the one to open the vault in the morning. All other squadron mates can fret how you're getting a leg up on them and try to figure out how to counter your devious moves.

Heavy squadron - Just try to beat your flight cc or DO to work. Show up sometime around 0830 and hope someone got there before you to start the coffee maker. Sit around and fret about where you're going to eat lunch.

Fighter squadron - Make work to do from 0630 to 1300. Eat a candy bar at your desk while reading the 3-1. Work, work, work from 1300-1700. Get your brief together for the next day's flight, prep your boards and beg your IP for words of wisdom from 1700-1900. Sit around and wait for everyone else to leave so you're not the first guy out the door. Don't want anyone to think you don't work hard or want it bad enough.

Heavy squadron - surf the internet from 0830-0930. Do your actual office job from 0930-1130. Make announcement on PA system where the lunch push is going to, maybe Hooter's, maybe the mall food court, maybe TGIFs. CiCi's Pizza is always a favorite. 1145-1330 lunch. 1330-1400, walk around with a piece of paper in your hand and a determined look on your face. 1400-1530, go to the gym. 1530-1545, check the board to see if you're flying the next day. You are? Cool. 1545, go home. Don't forget to grab the extra flight cap and extra set of car keys you left on your desk when you went to the gym, you'll need them the next day and you don't want anyone seeing them after 1700, as it'll give the trick away.
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