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Originally Posted by Brown Cow
I think the answer is pretty simple. If you add up what a college education costs at one of the better schools, you end up spending the same amount as this program. I also think we need to realize that experience does not come from flying hundreds of hours in a Cessna. Having completed a course with 100 hours in the sim on a DC-9 will give a pilot a much better perspective on what it takes to fly for an airline.

Unfortunately, the article does throw words like "professional" around in very loose manner. Flying 1-2 years in a Dash 8 does not even remotely afford you the right to be called professional. Being a Captain on that 8 after a few years means you are a professional. Developing yourself as an aviator with ideas, thoughts and constructive problem solving will make you a professional.

Finally, the world is made up of rich and poor. Those who graduate from Harvard or Columbia after their $150,000 contribution to their degree, also don't have a real chance at a super life either. I think we take chances, do whatever it takes to make our dreams a reality, and try our very best. Some have an easier road, others do not.
This is one of the most idiotic posts I have ever seen. Flying a sim has nothing to do with flying for an airline. Period. In fact flying is the easiest part of the whole job. Managing, planning, is the hard part that cannot be duplicated in the sim.

I am not going to comment on your whole post except for the professional part. I think you need to find your handy dictionary and look up professional. Your thoughts do not make you a professional. Your ideas do not make you a professional. Your constructive problem solving do not make you a professional. The fact that you are being paid to fly to the best of your ability makes you a pro. Flying .1 hours in a Dash 8, or a J-3 banner towing is a professional. I don't care if you are an f/o or captain. The only difference between the two is seniority.

And yes experience does come from hundreds of hours in Cessnas. Trust me on that one. As you can tell Brown, you have much to learn.
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